TBK December Meeting Reminder/November Recap

Take Back Kentucky is the largest grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals in the state dedicated to the advancement of the Constitution, Liberty and Free Markets. We normally meet on the third Saturday of every month except in December we meet on the second Saturday. Our Next meeting is: Saturday, December 13, 2014 Family Buffet […]

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TBK November 2014 Meeting Reminder

Take Back Kentucky is coalition of organizations and individuals in the state dedicated to the advancement of the Constitution, Liberty and Free Markets. We normally meet on the third Saturday of every month except in December we meet on the second Saturday (don’t forget this next month, the meeting will be on 12/13/14.) Our Next meeting […]

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James Comer meets with TBK

Originally this information can be found in the Sept 2014 meeting recap post but for easy access we are posting both Comer’s and Heiners visit with TBK in their own blog entry The September TBK meeting was a pretty busy one. We started off with Governor Republican Candidate James Comer speaking to the group. Highlights […]

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Hal Heiner meets with TBK

Republican candidate for Governor Hal Heiner paid TBK a visit during the October meeting. Heiner started off telling members in attendance that he liked what TBK was doing and that the founders would be proud as this is the kind of citizen involvement he feels they would have envisioned. Heiner gave us a little background […]

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Common Core Social Studies Update

The Ky Board of Education was presented the first draft of the new social studies standards at the recent meeting In October. We had three public comments on the issue, 2 from TBK and 1 from a teacher who was on the writing committee and apparently surprised them by not being a yes-man, after which […]

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Don’t Pink Slip the Green Slips

Some of you may be asking what this is. Simply put it’s the color of the paper your phone call message is printed on when it is given to a legislator. It seems obvious this is done in part so the legislators know what the important constituent’s messages are as well as be able to […]

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October Meeting News

This is going to be a partial update from the October TBK meeting, there are a few other items that require more time to tell you about but these issues we wanted to let you know about as soon as possible. First the Election is Tuesday, November 4, 2014, which leads into the next item […]

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Take Back Kentucky has several issues of which we are engaged in or have taken stances on. A brief list of those would be as follows. The order in which they are presented are of no particular importance.

  • Pro-Second Amendment/Gun Rights
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Private Property
  • Pro-Food Freedom
  • Pro-Industrial Hemp
  • Pro-Medical Cannabis
  • Pro-Civil Liberties
  • Pro-Sovereignty
  • Pro-Troops/Veterans
  • Pro-Capitalism
  • Pro-Education Choice/Home-school
  • Pro-Privacy and Due Process/Anti-Surveillance
  • Anti-Common Core, or any other Federal/Corporate Standardized Education System
  • Anti-Universal Healthcare or any variation thereof
  • Anti-Illegal Immigration
  • For the Repeal of the 17th Amendment
  • Anti-REAL ID/Biometrics
  • Anti-Agenda 21
  • Audit of and the eventual End of the Federal Reserve

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the God given rights that are recognized in the constitutions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States of America.  We believe in the American principle of dual sovereignty and that preservation of Kentucky’s sovereignty is essential.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the States are not an extension or branch of the Federal government and that it is the duty of those States to protect the rights of their Citizens. The Federal government is a result of the States creating and ratifying a Constitution, and is therefore an agent of the States. Our focus is to reestablish the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a protector of the Citizens of Kentucky from an overreaching Federal government.

In order for Kentucky’s government to act responsibly in its duties to its Citizens we feel it is crucial that Citizens exercise their civic duties and responsibilities. We are committed to education on the issues and involvement in the governmental process. Focusing on legislation and the voting records is essential in holding our elected officials accountable.  So we encourage involvement in the election process.

To accomplish this mission we must build coalitions of like minded individuals and organizations that are rooted in Liberty, Freedom, the Constitution, and Capitalistic ideals. The motto of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Let us not fall but move forward toward restoration of our founding principles to provide a better future for our posterity.